How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Apple iMac

One of the most common questions I get from Mac users is how to take a screenshot in Mac OS X. It’s easy to remember on a Windows PC (Alt+Print Screen), but not so much on a Mac where there

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Poll: How do you use LinkedIn?


I attended one of Rebecca Mountain‘s LinkedIn classes this week and was surprised at all the things I didn’t know about using the social media network to its full potential. Like many folks on LinkedIn, I set my account up

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It’s time to stop throwing away our phones!


Dave Hakkens is a genius. If the world is looking to find the next Steve Jobs, he’s our man. Dave sees that most people throw their smartphones away usually because of one thing. Not enough storage. Camera is outdated. Not

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A look at Belkin’s WeMo Switch (and who should be using it)

Belkin's WeMo Switch

Belkin’s WeMo line offers some amazing, easy-to-use home automation products that can be controlled via apps for both Android and iOS devices. I was sent a plug-in style WeMo Switch to test a few months ago and was so impressed

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Site of the week:

Walk Score

Are you looking at a house or an apartment and want to know how walkable the area is? Or are you a real estate professional who wants to be able to give your clients extra incentive to move to a

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How to host an HTML file on Dropbox

Dropbox logo

Since starting to play with I’ve discovered many great things about it (and continue to find things I love about it almost daily). One task I was recently trying to tackle I was unable to do within no

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Setting a static page as your homepage

While I’m not a huge fan of static entry pages on blogs, there are many reasons why someone would want one. A real estate agent may want their photo, tagline, and contact info to be prominent, or a charity may

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