Movie Review: Skyfall


A scene from ‘Skyfall’. Courtesy Sony Pictures.

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I have to get something off my chest; I’m not a fan of James Bond. There, I said it. I have enjoyed some of the films and find them mildly entertaining, but I feel the character is a joke and I don’t anticipate or ever get excited for the next Bond film. Especially when it’s the 23rd film in the series. But with Skyfall being directed by Sam Mendes, who won an Oscar for American Beauty, I was much more interested in seeing it.

As a disclaimer I need to let you know that I did indeed miss the first 10 minutes of the movie, which I later found out had no connection to the rest of the plot. I arrived just in time to see James Bond (Daniel Craig) fall off a train to his ‘death’ and catch the iconic opening sequence, this time with Adele handling the theme song. As for the rest of the film, it’s full of action, tongue-in-cheek dialogue, solid acting, and one of the greatest Bond villains ever.

This is Craig’s third time out as Bond and he really does own the character now. I honestly can’t think of another actor working these days who could fill this role as well as he does. He’s got style and charm and yet is tough enough that he makes his action scenes look believable. And the greatest thing about Craig’s Bond is that he allows the character to show his flaws, which makes him much more relatable than the previous incarnations.

The true standout in Skyfall is Javier Bardem as the bad guy. He did something I never thought he could do and that was be more creepy than his character in No Country For Old Men. He’s pure evil in this role and I felt very uneasy when he was on screen and had a hard time shaking his image afterwards. It’s a truly magnificent performance.

With the studio bringing in a director like Mendes this will hopefully open the doors for other top filmmakers to get a crack at the franchise. It’d be hard to top Skyfall, but wouldn’t it be wild to see where someone like Quentin Tarantino or Joss Whedon would take it next?

Whether you’re a Bond fanatic or just a fan of solid action films,Skyfall will not disappoint. It even made me excited for the next film.

Rating: **** (out of 5 stars)

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