Replacing ‘Notes’ on the iPhone

Scratch on the iPhone

After having all the memos I jotted down disappear from Notes on my iPhone the other day, I went on a hunt to find a better note-taking app. My main goal was to find one with a clean U/I, that opened quickly, and that would give me options for saving my words on both my phone and in the cloud. After a few misses (Simplenote disappointed and I found Drafts was better for the iPad) I finally stumbled across Scratch – Your Quick Input Notepad, and after two days of use I don’t know how I lived without it.

Scratch has an extremely clean interface and is very easy to use. It’s quick (even on my clunky 3GS) and it backs all my notes up to my Dropbox account. But the greatest thing of all is something I never intended to use it for — you can use Scratch to add to other apps!

For instance, I’m a lover of lists. I have lists for movies I need to watch, songs I need to download, old NES games I’m looking to find, and everything in between. I generally keep my lists in Evernote, which is not the quickest, most user-friendly app out there. With Scratch I can setup an export to send items to Evernote and add them to a running list (so when I hear a song I really like on the radio I can quickly jot it down in Scratch, send it to my Songs to Download export setting and it automatically adds it to my Songs to Download list in Evernote). I can also add items to my to do list in Wunderlist, use it to Tweet, or add to an existing document in my Dropbox.

When it comes to keeping organized and productive, it’s one of the most powerful apps out there. And it’s only $2.99!

For instructions on how to setup Scratch to export to Evernote, check out this post over at

Have an app you recommend? Drop me a line in the comments, email me at, or Tweet me @bamcat.

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