This is how you sell houses now

Sage Real Estate is a boutique brokerage in Toronto that has made a name for themselves because of their amazing marketing skills, especially when it comes to digital marketing. They constantly make headlines and are quite often used when local news requires a “real estate expert”.

I first heard of Sage after they released this very slick video for one of their listings last year. Calling it a “video” doesn’t do it justice though, as this is a high-quality film with a good-looking lead, beautiful camera work, catchy music, and a great dog (kudos to Mark Wilson/ for the production quality).

When asked about the inspiration for doing the video, Evan Sage of Sage Real Estate told Inman News “We believe that we are in the business of selling lifestyles, not just four walls and a roof. So when developing a marketing campaign for a listing, we try to focus it on who the buyer is, and we do whatever we can to speak to their lifestyle.”

And that’s exactly the strategy required to sell houses quickly in a crazy market like Toronto now (the house was listed at $1.5M CDN and sold in just over a week after the buyer saw the video).

Take a look at the video above and let me know your thoughts. Think this is overkill? Think real estate professionals should be doing more unique marketing ventures like this? Drop me a line in the comments, via email at or Tweet me @bamcat.


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