Setting a static page as your homepage

While I’m not a huge fan of static entry pages on blogs, there are many reasons why someone would want one. A real estate agent may want their photo, tagline, and contact info to be prominent, or a charity may want to promote an upcoming fundraiser. Whatever the reason, setting your homepage to a static page is a very simple thing to do.

1. Under Pages in your Blog Admin section select Add New. - Add New Page

2. Give your new page a name, such as “Home”.

3. Enter the info you want to appear in the body section. - Homepage

4. On the right-hand side set the page to Home under Page Attributes. - Page Attributes

5. Uncheck Allow comments and Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page and also uncheck Show likes and Show sharing buttons. These areas are found under the body section. - Likes and Comments

6. Publish your page.

7. Create a second page called “Blog” (NOTE: This page can be called anything you want, but if you want your URL for your blog posts to be it needs to be named “Blog”). You do not need to put any content into the body section or edit any other settings for this page.

8. After you’ve published your “Blog” page go to Settings > Reading on the left-hand side of the Blog Admin section. - Reading

9. At the top of the Reading Settings section is an area called Front page displays. Select A static page and from the dropdown for Front page choose “Home” and for Posts page select “Blog”. - Reading Settings

10. Save your settings by clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the section.

Now when people visit your site they will see the “Home” page you created and will have to click a link to your “Blog” page to see your posts.

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