Poll: How do you use LinkedIn?


I attended one of Rebecca Mountain‘s LinkedIn classes this week and was surprised at all the things I didn’t know about using the social media network to its full potential. Like many folks on LinkedIn, I set my account up when the site was just gaining momentum back in 2005. I added my resume and some links and then pretty much forgot about it. I’ve gone back and edited my profile with each new job under my belt, but I’ve never focused on it the way I have with the more popular networks like Facebook and Twitter.

According to Mountain, who is a social media guru with a lengthy marketing background behind her,  I’ve been focusing on the wrong tools as LinkedIn is more important than Twitter and Facebook for professionals building a client base. She has a successful business with many clients all singing her praises so I tend to trust her on this. She showed me that if you use LinkedIn correctly, it can be one of the best tools in your arsenal at getting, and keeping, clients. That’s a huge tool we should all be using correctly!

Since I’ve obviously failed to see the importance of LinkedIn for myself until now, I’m curious how other people have been using it (or plan to use it). Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments. And feel free to add me to your network on LinkedIn at ca.linkedin.com/in/bmckechnie. I’ll be spending a lot more time on it now.

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