4 things Vizio got right with its M-Series 4K TV line (and 1 thing it didn’t)

Vizio M-Series

Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ can be watched in 4K on the 65″ Vizio M-Series.

For the last month my family and I have been enjoying a 65” Vizio M-Series 4K Ultra HD television in our living room. We previously tested a 60” E-Series model, which was a great television but not even close to the 4K quality the M-Series delivers (watching Narcos in 4K on Netflix is euphoric). Besides being a beautiful, crystal clear display, four things about the television stood out to me as being extra special, while one important thing was a big letdown.

The stand

Most people who purchase a 65” TV probably have plans to wall-mount it somewhere in their basement or living room and won’t even bother with the stand that comes with it. If for some reason you can’t or don’t want to wall-mount it though, you’ll be happy to know the Vizio M-Series stand is better than most. Why? Mainly because it’s two pieces that go on either end of the unit and not a pedestal in the middle. This not only makes the unit sit sturdier but also leaves enough space to house a sound bar or cable/satellite box under the front of it. I also found installing the legs a much easier process than the average swivel stand.

Vizio M-Series

One of the legs on the 65″ Vizio M-Series.

HDMI ports

All models in the Vizio M-Series lineup have five HDMI ports, which is almost unheard of as most TVs come with only two or three ports these days. All the ports on the M-Series can handle 4K content as well, with one of them capable of handling playback at 60Hz (the others only handle 30Hz and only three of the five, including the 60Hz one, support HDCP 2.2 for decoding protected content). Being able to have my WiiU, PS3, satellite box and Apple TV connected all at once made life easier for the whole family.


I’m not usually a fan of “smart” TV features and find most built-in apps to be clunky compared to standalone devices like the Apple TV or Roku Streaming Player. Whether it was over the built-in WiFi or via the Ethernet port, the Vizio M-Series handles apps surprisingly well and the ones I used regularly worked great. The most important app of course is Netflix, and I found being able to stream it directly from the TV gave me the best quality I have ever gotten out of it (especially with 4K content). Among the other important apps (out of many available) are Plex and Spotify, both of which work extremely well.

Vizio M-Series

Apps actually work really well on the Vizio M-Series.

The price

Price is where Vizio wins the 4K TV race by a long shot. The 65” model is available in Canada at both Best Buy and Costco and will only set you back about $2,000. Similar models from LG, Samsung and Sony are all way more expensive. If you drop to the 60” model you can pick it up for about $1,600.

And the one thing that disappointed me about the Vizio M-Series…

The remote

The idea of the remote is much better than how it functions. It has quick access buttons on the front for Amazon Prime Video (which is not available in Canada), Netflix and iHeartRadio and the back is a full keyboard. The problem is that it hardly ever worked without me getting up to aim it directly at the bottom-left corner of the TV and fighting with it (yes, I replaced the batteries to ensure that was not the problem). The keyboard also didn’t work within Netflix or Spotify which kind of renders it useless. I pretty much packed the remote away and used my Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote to control the TV instead. Hopefully Vizio switches to an RF based remote in the future and incorporates keyboard functionality within all available apps.

Vizio M-Series remote

The biggest disappointment of the Vizio M-Series is the remote.

The Vizio M-Series is available in the following sizes: 43”, 49”, 50”, 55”, 60”, 65”, 70”, 75” and 80”. For more information, visit vizio.com.

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