TASSIMO to stop selling products online in Canada


It will soon be harder to order TASSIMO coffee products online in Canada.

According to an email the company sent to customers on Wednesday, as of Dec. 24 at 12 p.m. EST “TASSIMO products will no longer be sold on TASSIMO.ca.”

The email says that TASSIMO products will still be available online from partner sites, such as Canadian Tire and Walmart, and that TDISCs will still be available at local grocery stores.

The company has given no official statement as to why they decided to stop selling products online in Canada.

Does this announcement affect you or your purchasing decisions this coming holiday season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “TASSIMO to stop selling products online in Canada

  1. Am I surprised that in the war of single serve Beverages, Tassimo is leaving commerce in Canada – something that should represent a significant income for them? Not at all. For several months Tassimo Canada has been out of stock on several brands, including Twinnings Earl Grey Both online and instore. There social media Facebook and Twitter teams are not proactive. People prefer the Keurig simply due to the iver abundance of choices and the ability to portion servings in diy fashion. I’m switching to Keurig this season for these reasons

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