Keep your feet dry this winter with these boot care tips

Blundstone Boots

Proper boot maintenance can help your feet stay warm and dry all winter long.

There is nothing worse than spending the day in wet boots, especially on a cold fall or winter day. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be potentially dangerous to your health (you know, toes falling off and all that jazz).

Even if you have new best-of-the-best boots, it’s going to happen and you know it. And if you’re like me it’s going to happen more than once this winter (and it will always be followed by cursing and sobbing).

Ian Heaps from Blundstone Footwear understands this problem and says improper footwear maintenance is usually to blame for your boots leaking and making life hell.

“Seasonal boots are an investment, which is why proper maintenance is so important to ensure you’re getting more than one season out of them,” he says.

Heaps offers these tips that should help your feet stay warm and dry until next summer.

Take preventative buying measures

Purchase boots that have a limited number of seams. With fewer seams, there are fewer places where water can seep through.

Dry out moisture

If your boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture and keep the shape of the boot. Always dry your boots at room temperature, and never with artificial heat, as it can dry out and fade the leather.


After cleaning your boots with a damp cloth, dress leather boots with a wax based treatment to keep the boots weatherproof and pliable.


Provide your boots with an extra barrier against the elements with a quick polish. Once your boots are completely dried, apply a regular polish and buff with a separate cloth to strengthen and protect the leather.

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Have a tip on staying warm and dry this winter? Share it in the comments below.

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