POLL: How old should kids be before going to Monster Jam?

Northern Nightmare

Northern Nightmare performs at Monster Jam.

The annual monster truck extravaganza Monster Jam returns to Toronto for a weekend of destruction at the Rogers Centre on January 16 and 17, 2016. The event always makes for a great family outing as kids love watching the trucks crush cars and do crazy stunts (moms and dads do, too) and a family can purchase tickets without taking out a loan against their house.

While it’s great fun for all, it is extremely loud and the fumes from the trucks, cars, jet bikes and whatever other surprises they bring out can be bothersome and potentially dangerous for young children. But the event is promoted towards kids and they even have a “Kids Zone” section on their website.

We waited until my eldest son was three before we took him for the first time. We thought this was a good age where he would be able to enjoy the show and not try to pull off the ear protection we make him wear (I use Stanley Foldable Earmuffs as they are comfortable and keep a good amount of noise out). My youngest son just turned four this past March and has yet to witness a Monster Jam show and I think it’s time he does.

Since we are now planning to go in January (and a good friend of mine wants to come along with his three-year-old) it got me thinking – how old should kids actually be before going to Monster Jam for the first time?

Have your say in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments.

For more information on Monster Jam and to purchase tickets, visit monsterjamcanada.ca.

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