Super Mario Maker video review (by my 8-year-old son)

Super Mario Maker

There are lots of options when building a level in Super Mario Maker.

There’s no question that Super Mario Maker for the Wii U is one of the most addictive Mario games Nintendo has ever released. Being able to create your own levels is something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a kid, and from a nostalgia standpoint the game hits all the marks.

But Super Mario Maker is not just for thirtysomethings like me trying to relive my youth. It spans all generations of Mario fans and my two boys (4 and 8) haven’t been able to stop playing it (or talking about it) since we got the game a month ago.

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Because of their excitement for Super Mario Maker, my 8-year-old (aka Bamcat Jr.) suggested he do a video review of it to upload to YouTube. I hesitantly agreed to this (more on my hesitation of putting my son on YouTube in a later post) and together we shot and edited our first video production.

Check out his video review of Super Mario Maker below and share your thoughts on the game in the comments or by tweeting @bamcatbuzz.

Notes about the video

The video was shot using a Sony RX100 IV point-and-shoot camera and edited with a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It took just over an hour to shoot and edit and was a great bonding project with my kids.

5 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker video review (by my 8-year-old son)

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