YouTube Kids app now available in Canada

YouTube Kids

Limit the content your kids watch on YouTube and the amount of time they can watch videos with the YouTube Kids app.

My kids love wasting time watching Minecraft videos on YouTube. They do it before school, after school, on weekends and evenings and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re waking up in the middle of night to sneak a few more videos in (damn you Stampy!).

If your kids are like mine (and I see their friends doing the same thing so I know it’s not just my kids) you know how hard it can be to pull them away from YouTube.

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To help battle this endless video rabbit hole kids can go down, Google released YouTube Kids earlier this year. As with most new and cool things it was only available in the U.S. That all changed last week and the app is now available in Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

YouTube Kids is a chunkier-looking app than the regular YouTube app and features bright colours and voice search functions that make it easier for children to use. It only allows family-friendly content to be streamed so you know your kids will never see or hear something they shouldn’t.

Parental controls allow you to set a passcode for the app as well as limit the amount of time your kids can use it (greatest feature ever!). Other controls include the ability to turn off background sounds and music as well as tighten the type of content available.

The app is now available for iOS and Android devices as well as on the Chromecast, Apple TV and via most video game consoles and smart TVs.

Do your kids watch YouTube videos? Will you use the YouTube Kids app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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