5 reasons you should get a heated hoodie

Milwaukee heated hoodies

The line of Milwaukee heated hoodies (I have the grey one).

A heated hoodie is like a regular hoodie but surrounds you with warmth when you attach a battery and turn it on. I got myself a Milwaukee M12 hoodie last winter (DeWalt also has a line) and it has changed my life.

Besides being a nice overall hoodie to work around the house and lounge in, it has come in handy many times over the last year in situations I never expected.

Here are five reasons you should get a heated hoodie.

It will make your morning commute bearable

Leaving the house at the crack of dawn to commute to work is terrible, especially when the temperature outside is below 0. Whether I’m waiting for my car to warm up or walking to the bus stop, I fire up my heated hoodie before venturing out the front door. The heat it gives off makes everything better and my commute doesn’t feel as bad.

It will make you feel better when you’re sick

Being sick is never fun, but curling up on the couch with a warm hug from a heated hoodie will help you feel better during your suffering (it’s also better than a heating pad as it wraps heat around you and it’s better than a heating blanket because it travels with you). Below is a photo of me the last time I was sick.

Shovelling snow isn’t so bad now

I dread the thought of having to go outside during or after a big snowstorm to shovel snow. The amount of snow we got in our area last winter was pure torture! Wearing my heated hoodie every single time I ventured out to shovel made it a much less miserable experience. I also wore it while putting up my Christmas lights, playing in the snow with the kids, and whenever I have to be outside in the cold for longer than it takes to check the mail.

Camping is also nicer

Even during the summer months it can get chilly at night in parts of Ontario. I brought along my heated hoodie when I went camping up on Manitoulin Island in August and was able to sit out under the stars much longer than I normally would. I also slept in my tent like a baby with it on (even during a chilly downpour). Needless to say, my friends were jealous.

They make great gifts

If you know someone who works outside for a living, a heated hoodie is one of the best gifts you can get them (they make them for men and women). They’re also great for people who are cold all the time or have constant aches and pains (my mother-in-law is getting one from me for this very reason). Really, anyone who likes being cozy and warm will appreciate a heated hoodie.

For more info on the Milwaukee M12 heated hoodie and other heated gear they offer, visit milwaukeetool.ca. For info on the DeWalt line of heated hoodies and jackets, visit dewalt.com.

If you have a heated hoodie share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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