5 books for the DIYer on your list

DIY books

I’m a DIY addict! I love building things, changing things, designing things and I especially love learning how to do new things (I really should have taken up a trade).

When I’m not puttering around my house I can usually be found watching shows like Ask This Old House, Disaster DIY and Rehab Addict or reading up on subjects like flooring, electrical and plumbing at my local library.

Over the last year I have probably spent way too much reading technical and DIY books as I prepare to take on a basement and kitchen reno in 2016. While most of the books I just put back on the shelf after reading and never think about again, there have been a few that I reference often.

If you have someone on your shopping list who is always doing something (or planning to do something) to their house, here are five books I highly recommend picking up for them.

Please note all links to Amazon.ca below are affiliate links (gotta try to pay for my DIY addiction somehow).

The Backyard Homestead

If you enjoy growing your own food or like the idea of raising backyard chickens, The Backyard Homestead is a must-have book. With tips on everything from laying out a vegetable garden and building raised garden boxes, to preserving and proper butchering techniques, it’s a book I find myself constantly learning from and getting ideas for projects from.

The Backyard Homestead retails for $19.95 at Amazon.ca.

Measure Twice

In his book Measure Twice, contractor and HGTV host Bryan Baeumler uses photos and detailed examples to cover everything from flooring to caulking to laying a patio properly. His book is very DIY-friendly and meant to be read by people who might not get everything that goes into certain tasks around the home. His lists in each chapter of mistakes people make are all excellent points that should not be skipped.

Measure Twice retails for $22.49 at Amazon.ca.

At Home: Sarah Style

If you’re looking for inspiration of what you can do around your home, Sarah Richardson’s At Home: Sarah Style is a great read. The designer and TV personality opens up in the book, sharing photos, stories and even recipes from her personal life. Seeing how her design techniques have changed over the years and reading how she came to do certain things is really quite interesting and makes you want to read more. I pick this book up often just to flip through it to get ideas for paint colours, furniture placement and room accents.

At Home: Sarah Style retails for $25 at Amazon.ca.

The Holmes Manual

It’s really tough to say anything bad about Mike Holmes. He likes to do things right and strives to ensure the average homeowner knows enough to either do things around the house themselves or not get ripped off when hiring someone to do work on their home. The Holmes Manual answers many questions homeowners have asked him over the years and he answers in easy-to-understand terms while using great photos and examples to get his point across. If you like him on TV, you’ll enjoy reading his book.

The Holmes Manual retails for $31.49 at Amazon.ca.

How Your House Works

A more technical book than the others on the list, Charlie Wing’s How Your House Works uses diagrams and informative descriptions to cover every function of a house. It’s an excellent book for new homeowners or for people interested in understanding the ins and out of how their house was built and how to properly maintain it.

How Your House Works retails for $22.45 at Amazon.ca.

Have a DIY book you recommend not on this list? Share it in the comments below.

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