New saveONenergy coupons available for 2016


The 2016 saveONenergy coupons are here.

Residents in Ontario, Canada looking to make their homes more energy-efficient in 2016 can save some money with the help of new saveONenergy coupons.

The coupons, available to download and print from, lower the cost of ENERGY STAR certified LED and CFL bulbs and fixtures, as well as select weatherstripping, motion sensors and dimmers, outdoor timers, advanced power bars, clotheslines and more.

Participating retailers include Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, RONA and Home Hardware (a full list of participating retailers can be found at

The coupons range in value from $2 for foam and V-strip weatherstripping to $30 for a programmable baseboard thermostat multipack (3 or more). The best value comes from the coupons for ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs, which offer $3 off general LED bulbs and $5 off specialty LED bulbs.

A list of all the coupons and values offered are below:

  • ENERGY STAR certified general LEDs ($3 coupon)
  • ENERGY STAR certified specialty LEDs ($5 coupon)
  • ENERGY STAR certified LED Multipack ($8 coupon)
  • ENERGY STAR certified specialty CFLs ($3 coupon for single or double packs, $5 coupon for multipacks of 3 or more)
  • ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures ($8 coupon for lights with 1 or 2 sockets, $15 coupon for lights with 3 or more sockets)
  • ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans ($10 coupon)
  • Lighting control products ($3 coupon for single packs, $6 coupon for multipacks of 2 or more)
  • Weatherstripping ($2 coupon for foam or V-strip, $3 coupon for door frame kits)
  • Electric water heater blanket ($4 coupon)
  • Heavy duty outdoor timers ($4 coupon)
  • Advanced power bars ($4 coupon)
  • Clotheslines ($10 coupon)
  • Baseboard programmable thermostats ($10 coupon for packs of 1 or 2, $30 coupon for multipacks of 3 or more)

Unlike previous years, there are no coupons for pipe insulation offered this time around.

The coupons are valid until Dec. 31, 2016.

For more details on the saveONenergy program and to print your coupons, visit

Are you more inclined to purchase energy-efficient items when incentives like coupons are offered? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “New saveONenergy coupons available for 2016

    • Thanks for commenting! These coupons do drastically help cut the price down for LED bulbs. I’m a big fan of the Cree and Philips bulbs Home Depot sells. Get them on sale with these coupons and you can get them for as low as $3 sometimes. Not bad for a bulb that could last about 22 years.

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