EGO Power+ releasing 56v battery-operated snow blower fall 2016

Snow. Yuck!

It might not even be summer yet, but snow will be back before we know it!

When you live in Southern Ontario (that’s in Canada) it’s hard to not think about snow year-round. Even on a warm, sunny May day you just know snow is not that far away. So when I was tipped off that EGO Power+ is releasing a 56-volt battery-operated snow blower this fall, I got very excited.

I’m a big fan of the EGO Power+ line of battery-operated lawn equipment. I own their 20″ lawn mower, leaf blower and 14″ chainsaw and have nothing but praise for all of them. Their tools are solid and their batteries last (living on a corner lot, I have a lot of grass to cut and the mower does an amazing job keeping up with my demands and the battery hasn’t lost power in the two years I’ve had it).

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What makes the EGO Power+ snow blower standout to me is the fact it uses two 56v, 5.0Ah batteries! Most battery-operated snow blowers, such as units from Snow Joe and Ryobi, max out at 40v, 4.0Ah (Greenworks makes an 80v model but it’s only 2Ah). From my own personal experience with the Snow Joe iON18SB, a single 40v, 4.0Ah battery is just not enough power, especially during a major dumping of snow (the Snow Joe battery also took a long time to charge, whereas the EGO Power+ battery takes about 20 minutes to fully charge).

I reached out to EGO Power+ for further specs and information on the snow blower but have not heard back from them (the only announcement they’ve made is via a video on their Instagram page that says “The Struggle Ends Fall 2016”).

Pro Tool Reviews got their hands on a unit to test earlier this month and their review is highly favourable (they used wet sawdust in place of snow and put it against the 80v Greenworks unit and a Toro gas-powered model). They also list the specs as the following:

  • Model: EGO SNT2100
  • Power Source: Two EGO 56V batteries
  • Clearing Swath: 21”
  • Run Time: 20′ x 60′ space, 6” deep
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years tool, 3 years battery
  • Price: $599 with two 5.0 amp hour batteries

Considering the 20″ lawn mower is a beast with only one 4.0Ah 56v battery, I’m extremely interested to see how this runs with two 5.0Ah 56v batteries. I’m also curious to know what they are going to charge for this in Canada (my guess is it will be closer to $899 Canadian).

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I’ll post more info on the EGO Power+ snow blower once I get official info from the company (and hopefully a chance to play with one come winter).

Are you excited for the EGO Power+ snow blower? Share your thoughts in the comments below or over at

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