How to connect a turntable to a Sonos speaker system

Sonos turntable

If you have a small space, connecting your turntable to a Sonos speaker system is a great idea.

After Record Store Day 2016 I got the idea to hook up my old Yamaha P-200 turntable to my Sonos PLAY:1. Since this wasn’t that simple of a task, I thought it would be a good idea to share the process of connecting a turntable to a Sonos system.

Why connect a turntable to the Sonos system?

You might be wondering why I would want to take a nice, warm analog turntable and connect it a digital speaker system. Well, for starters, it saves a lot of space by getting rid of a large amp and extra speakers. It’s also way more convenient for me and allows me to listen to my records in any room I have a Sonos speaker.

Will your turntable work?

The first thing you need to figure out is if your turntable has a built-in preamp. Most newer models with USB outputs and some higher end models have built-in preamps. Older turntables, like my Yamaha P-200, do not. If your turntable doesn’t have a built-in preamp you’ll need something like the Pyle-Pro PP444 Ultra Compact Phono Turntable Preamp (available on for about $30) in order to get sound to the Sonos system.

Alternatively, you can connect to an amplifier with a phono input and an analog output but that defeats the purpose of trying to save space by removing the amp from the equation.

Pyle-Pro PP444

The Pyle-Pro PP444 is a low cost, decent preamp with a small footprint.

What you need

The Sonos system you have depends on what you will need to connect your turntable to it. If you have a PLAY:5 you can connect your turntable (or preamp or amplifier) to the mini-jack line-in by using an RCA to mini-jack adapter cable. If you have a PLAY:1 or a PLAY:3 you will need the Sonos CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP and a couple of pairs of RCA cables.

Since I have a PLAY:1 I went with the Sonos CONNECT, which has a small enough footprint that it doesn’t stand out or take up too much space.


The Sonos CONNECT and PLAY:1 compliment each other nicely.

Making the connection

If you have a PLAY:5, plug the mini-jack end of the RCA to mini-jack cable into the line-in on the back of the PLAY:5. Connect the RCA ends to your turntable (or preamp or amp). Once it’s connected, select line-in on the Sonos app, drop the needle and you now have vinyl playing through your Sonos system.

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If you’re using a Sonos CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP to send audio to a PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 it’s a bit more involved. First, ensure your CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP is properly configured on your home network and you can control it via the Sonos app. Plug your turntable into your preamp or amp then patch that out to the CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP using an RCA cable.

Your CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP should be setup as line-in. When you select line-in from the Sonos app you’ll hear whatever is playing through the CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP on your PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 speakers.

Final thoughts

I love having the ability to play my vinyl via the Sonos system, but I do feel it loses some of that warm feeling vinyl offers. Having limited space in my home though, it’s a great option for me to keep my turntable spinning without tripping over speakers, wires and extra components.

Have a question about hooking up a turntable to a Sonos system? Leave a comment below or over at

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