Tesla opening five new supercharger stations in Ontario and Quebec this summer

Tesla supercharger

A Tesla can get up to a 200 km range after charging for 20 minutes at a supercharger station. Photo courtesy Tesla.

On the heels of their brand new supercharger station that opened in Grimsby, Ontario last week, electric car manufacturer Tesla announced Wednesday another five stations will be opening in Ontario and Quebec this summer.

The new Ontario stations will be located north of Toronto in Parry Sound and Huntsville, while the Quebec stations will be in Magog, Montreal and Riviere du Loup.

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Tesla says the supercharger stations are designed for drivers to be able to travel for about three hours, take a break and charge up. According to the press release, the new Grimsby supercharger station will get you between west New York, Niagara Falls and into Toronto and Detroit.

The stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can add up to 200 km of range to a Model S or Model X in about 20 minutes. They only work with Tesla vehicles and are free for drivers to use.

The new stations will expand Tesla’s supercharger network in Canada to a total of 23 (in comparison the U.S. has over 600).

To find a Tesla supercharger station, visit teslamotors.com.

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