Is the Jr. Jays Club Official Membership Kit worth it?

Jr. Jays Club

Some of the items that come in the 2016 Jr. Jays Club Official Membership kit.

Unlike most Canadian homes, hockey is not a staple in ours. Baseball, on the other hand, is kind of a big deal. And late last season something clicked with my boys and they both got hooked on watching the Toronto Blue Jays with me. This year, they’re baseball fanatics!

They cherish my old baseball card collection, they want to get outside and play the game every chance they get (my eight-year-old has quite the arm I’ve discovered) and they love – LOVE – the Blue Jays. It’s gotten to the point where we only ever watch Sportsnet now!

No matter how happy their love of the game makes me, it is starting to cost a pretty penny. Besides needing gloves and bats to play the game, they want Blue Jays everything! Shirts, hats, bed sheets, cereal with José Bautista on the box – you name it, they want it!

In my quest to feed their hunger for the game on a budget, I found the Jr. Jays Club Official Membership Kit. This kit has been available for the last few years but doesn’t get much promotion these days because, according to a spokesperson, “it is a well established program.”

Since I’m pretty good at being in the loop on these things and had never heard of it before, I figured other parents might be in the dark. I ordered two kits for my boys to see if it is indeed worth it.

Details of the 2016 Jr. Jays Club Membership Kit

The 2016 Jr. Jays Club Official Membership Kit is sponsored by Boston Pizza and is meant for kids 14 and under.

The kit costs $24.99 and can only be purchased at a Jays Shop location (for people in Toronto there’s one at the Rogers Centre and one in the Eaton Centre) or online at (you will be charged for shipping if ordering online, which was $9.63 for the two kits I bought).

The kit includes an adjustable youth size Blue Jays hat, Blue Jays sunglasses, a Blue Jays drawstring backpack and an official Jr. Jays Club Membership card. There’s also a coupon booklet that offers discounts at Boston Pizza and on merchandise and concessions at the Rogers Centre.

Jr. Jays Club Membership

The 2016 Jr. Jays Club Membership kit.

Activating your membership online gives you access to ACE’s monthly e-newsletter, which offers info on special member events like an autograph session, a movie night and a photo day.

Membership also gives kids front-of-the-line access to run the bases at the Rogers Centre after a Saturday Jr. Jays game.

Oh, and it all comes in a pretty nice box with mascot ACE on the front.

Breaking down the price

Trying to get a Blue Jays hat for under $24.99 was next to impossible so that alone makes this kit worth it based on price. The sunglasses, which even fit me, are solid quality and are very cool. The bag is great and I’m sure we’ll be using it when we hit the pool or beach this summer. The other extras, like the coupons, will come in handy if we can ever afford to get out to a game this year.

Kids reaction

Price aside, when I gave the kits to my boys they both instantly lit up, put on the hats and glasses and went outside to show their friends. Their membership card is like a badge to them and they flash it around with authority (both keep it on them everywhere they go now, too). So yeah, the Jr. Jays Club Official Membership Kit is definitely worth it! Next year I plan to get in on the action earlier in the season.

Jr. Jays hats

My Jr. Jays showing off their new Blue Jays hats.

Did you know about the Jr. Jays Club Official Membership Kit? Are your kids members? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at

2 thoughts on “Is the Jr. Jays Club Official Membership Kit worth it?

  1. Try to bring them out to a Saturday game. There are free carnival-style games for kids which give great Jays-themed prizes to every participant. Come early (ie. when gates open) to beat the crowds.

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