Microsoft launches XBOX One Gamerscore Mega Deal


The Gamerscore Mega Deal might just be the push I need to get an XBOX One finally!

Still on the fence about upgrading from the beloved XBOX 360 to the shiny, new XBOX One? Now is your chance to get a sweet deal!

Until June 8, Canadian XBOX users can save up to a maximum of $75 on an XBOX One system at the Microsoft Store based on their Gamerscore.

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The value of the discount you receive is based on how high your Gamerscore is. The higher your score the more money you’ll save (to a maximum of $75). My score of 4002 allows me to receive a $40 discount (guess I should have been playing more games when I still had my 360!).

In order to qualify for the Gamerscore Mega Deal you must have a valid XBOX Live Gamertag and have logged into your account via an XBOX 360 or XBOX One console at least once since September 2013.

To find out how much you can save and to claim your discount, visit

Is this deal enough of a push to get you to upgrade to an XBOX One? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at

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