Get your garage organized with the Proslat wall storage system

Proslat wall storage

The Proslat wall storage system is easy to install and looks very slick.

One of my main goals for 2016 was to get my garage organized. I was hoping to do this before spring but kept procrastinating for one reason or another (too much stuff in my way, not enough time, etc.). This past weekend I took the battle on head first after picking up the Proslat wall storage system.

Why Proslat?

There are many different types of wall storage systems available from brands like Rubbermaid, Gladiator and Kobalt. While more expensive than some of the others, I settled on Proslat mainly because it’s a high quality, expandable system and is easily available in Canada at Lowe’s, Costco and Home Depot. It also has a nice variety of hooks and accessories available and as a bonus, Proslat is a Canadian-based company.

WATCH: My video on installing the Proslat wall storage system

What I got

The Proslat wall storage system is available in black or white in either a 4’ x 4’ or 8’ x 4’ package. I got the 8’ x 4’ white system, which runs between $130 to $150 depending on where you shop. It comes with everything required to mount it to the wall, but does not come with any hooks. Individual hooks are available or you can purchase a hook kit.

Trying to keep costs down I grabbed a few random hooks I thought would come in handy. I realized afterwards I didn’t get enough and that it would have been cheaper if I bought them all in a kit.


Installing the Proslat wall storage system is very simple for the most part. You start by marking your studs and figuring out how high you want the top of the system from the ground. Once you have the height marked you measure down 4-feet from the top and mount the bottom piece of frame into the studs using the supplied screws. The left and right pieces of frame then need to be cut to size before they get mounted into a stud with the ends fitting into the bottom frame (you only need a screw at the top and bottom of the left and right frame as the screws for the main section will hold the rest in place).

Proslat frame

A close-up of the Proslat frame in place. The left and right sides fit into the bottom piece.

Once the frame is secured, adding the pieces for the main section is even easier. Everything is made from recycled plastic (another reason I went with Proslat) so the main pieces have some flex to them and can be bent into place (if you have enough headroom you can slide the pieces down from the top). After the first piece is set and screwed into the studs, the next piece slides in and snaps onto it and is then screwed into place. Most of the time I found these snapped together with no issue but did get stuck a few times. The times I got stuck I had to use the palm of my hand to “hammer” them down to force them to click together.

After the last section is installed there is a cover that needs to be cut and attached to the top to complete the frame. This piece just snaps into place and doesn’t require screws.

The entire installation took about two hours from start to finish for me to complete.

Proslat installation

Each section of the Proslat wall storage system fits inside the frame, connects to the piece below and is then secured to the studs with screws.

Hooks and accessories

The hooks can be attached and moved around in seconds by just popping them into the track. Smaller ones clip in and rest against the track while bigger ones have a nut you can tighten so they don’t slide around. It would be nice if hooks from other brands worked, but they don’t (I tried).

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Besides hooks, there are shelves, baskets and even steel cabinets available to hang on the Proslat wall system. Unfortunately, they don’t have hangers for balls like Rubbermaid does.

Tools and tips

The hardest part of the entire process was mounting the pieces of frame to the wall as they are made of very flimsy plastic and need to be properly leveled. Having a second person help with this part makes the job go much faster and smoother (the rest can be done solo).

My studs in the garage are exposed which also helped speed up installation. Ensuring you are mounting to studs is key for proper installation.

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I used snips to cut the frame pieces to size and because I decided I only wanted a 50” wide x 4’ high section of the Proslat system on this wall, I used my mitre saw to cut the main section to size. This was quite smelly because the pieces are made of recycled plastic and as an alternative a hacksaw could be used (but would take longer to install). The leftover pieces I have will be used to build another section on the other side of the garage once I clear out more space.

While a drill will suffice, an impact driver makes driving the screws in super quick and easy without stripping them (the screws come with a proper bit as well).

A level, pencil and tape measure are also required for installation.

Final thoughts

The Proslat wall storage system is very slick and has given our garage a new life (my wife says it looks like a Sears display). I have hooks low enough for items my kids use, like baseball bats and bike helmets, while the other hooks are spread out for rakes, shovels and other garden tools (the system can hold 75 lbs per linear foot). It’s also mold and water resistant and can be easily wiped clean. While it is more expensive than some of the other wall storage systems on the market, it’s a quality product and I highly recommend it.

Do you have experience with the Proslat wall storage system? Recommend another brand? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at

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