TrackR bravo update opens up family sharing, offers custom designs

TrackR bravo

Find things quicker (such as keys) in a group with the new TrackR bravo family sharing feature.

TrackR, the small tag-like Bluetooth device that allows you to easily find all your things, rolled out an update Tuesday that opens up family sharing for the TrackR bravo.

“We are building a platform that remembers where your stuff is so that you don’t have to, and TrackR bravo is an integral part of that platform,” Christian Johan Smith, president and co-founder of TrackR, said in a statement.

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When you attach the TrackR bravo tag to an item (such as your keys) you then have the ability to ping its location via an iOS or Android device and find where it is. Family sharing allows users to open those items up among groups of people, such as a spouse, roommate or neighbour, to locate a “thing” more quickly (great option for keeping tabs on a TV remote or outdoor cat).

Not as high-tech as family sharing but still a cool option, users can now make the TrackR bravo more personal by having a photo or image printed onto it with custom printing. The image is printed using UV-LED technology, meaning it won’t easily scratch off. It’s an extra $4.99USD and is only available during checkout online at (they ship to Canada).

“With family sharing and custom printing, TrackR bravo becomes an even more powerful tool for keeping track of your most important belongings, while also fitting more seamlessly into your everyday life and style. That’s the future of consumer inventory management as we see it,” Johan Smith said.

The TrackR bravo is available online in multiple packs and colours at It can also be purchased in Canada at Best Buy for $39.99 each or $79.99 for a three pack.

Do you use the TrackR bravo or similar device? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at

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