Dan Aykroyd launches Crystal Head AURORA in Canada

Crystal Head vodka

Crystal Head AURORA (L) sits next to the original Crystal Head Vodka showcasing its iridescent finish. Photo courtesy Crystal Head Vodka.

Good news Canadian vodka fans! Crystal Head AURORA is now available in Canada.

At an event in Toronto Tuesday night, Canadian actor and Crystal Head co-founder and spokesperson, Dan Aykroyd introduced the latest incarnation of the iconic vodka brand, which is inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

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“Our ultra-premium vodka is one of the cleanest vodkas you’ll ever taste as we don’t use any additives such as sugar, citrus oils, or glycerol to mask or enhance the flavours. We don’t now, nor will we ever use any of these additives,” Aykroyd told the crowd.

Made from English-grown wheat from North Yorkshire and “pristine water” from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Crystal Head AURORA is described as a “drier, bolder and spicier taste” than the original. Production also includes distilling it five times and filtering it seven, including three passes through Herkimer diamonds.

On the outside, the 750ml Crystal Head AURORA bottle (which is the same skull head shape as the original) features an “iridescent design to celebrate the most vivid aerial phenomenon in the world” — meaning all bottles have a unique look.

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Crystal Head AURORA sells for a suggested retail price of $79.90 at spirit shops across Canada. For more information, visit crystalheadvodka.com.

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