Cinch! – the solar-powered pop-up tent you’re going to want

Cinch! tent

If you thought a tent couldn’t be exciting, you haven’t met the Cinch! yet.

UPDATE: The Cinch! Kickstarter is now live.

A pop-up tent that can be setup in seconds, has solar power capabilities, LED lights and is fully waterproof? Meet the Cinch!

Unlike any other tent on the market, creator Jake Jackson launched the Cinch! in 2009 for a small group of festival-goers because he wanted a tent campers could trust. He has expanded production each year since and now has a customer base around the world, including in Canada.

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“I’ve been a keen camper for nearly 30 years, and I’ve never found an all-round tent that’s perfect for my needs and those of my friends in the camping community,” Jackson said in a media release. “It often seems that essentials like convenience and comfort, or quality and price, are mutually-exclusive in the tent market. I don’t think we should compromise on those basic ingredients, and I want to give my fellow campers a product they can really trust.”

Other features of the latest Cinch! incarnation include tent pegs with LED lights, reflective guylines, flexible fibreglass poles, an extendable canopy (which increases living space by 75 per cent), two entrances and loads of storage. A 13,000 mAh solar power bank that can charge a smartphone up to six times and a heat reflector are optional items that can be added.

Cinch! solar bank

A 13,000 mAh solar power bank that can charge a smartphone up to six times is an option that can be added to the Cinch! tent.

Available in two, three and four person models, Jackson claims the four person Cinch! is the largest tent in its class. He says it can be setup in seconds and taken down and packed into a disc-shaped rucksack in under a minute. It also only weighs 19 lbs, making it a great option for portaging.

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In order to make the latest version of the Cinch! a reality, Jackson is turning to Kickstarter.

“I’m using Kickstarter for two main reasons,” Jackson said in the release. “Firstly to keep costs as low as possible for my customers – so they don’t have to pick up the bill for things like borrowing capital. But more immediately, to test the water and see if there’s an appetite for it – so I need to reach as many camping fanatics as possible during the Kickstarter campaign!”

If you’re as interested in the Cinch! as I am, you can make a pledge on Kickstarter beginning next week now. If the campaign raises the £20,000 (roughly CDN$35,000) Jackson needs by Thursday, Sept. 8, the Cinch! will immediately go into production and ship in early 2017 (in time for next year’s camping season).

For more information on the Cinch! and to find out details of the Kickstarter campaign, visit

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