MGM adding ZON’s Powersol solar-powered patio umbrella to Las Vegas resorts

ZON Powersol

ZON’s Powersol solar-powered patio umbrella is helping make Las Vegas a bit more green.

Las Vegas is looking more green these days as MGM Resorts International has begun rolling out ZON’s solar-powered patio umbrella to select resorts and casinos.

The Powersol uses solar panels attached to the top of a patio umbrella to collect energy into a table-top battery hub. Guests can charge their smartphones and other mobile devices off the hub while they relax by the pool or enjoy some food and drinks at the table.

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“MGM is a leader in innovation for the hospitality world, and Powersol definitely fits in with our goal to innovate and provide convenient tech amenities to our guests,” Joyen Vakil, Sr. Vice President of Design & Development at MGM Resorts International said in a statement.

MGM is adding the Powersol to the Aria Resort & Casino, Bellagio and MGM Grand with more locations planned over the next few months.

“Working with MGM on this rollout is exciting for ZON. As an up and comer in the solar, mobile charging movement, it is incredibly validating to have Powersol tapped as the solution for legendary MGM properties to keep their guests’ devices charged up,” Cameron Welborn-Wilson, ZON’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, said in a release.

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ZON once again confirmed that they are working on a consumer-friendly version and that Canadian businesses interested in the Powersol can order and have one shipped here.

For more information on the Powersol, visit

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