Swiss Chalet sauce Lay’s chips are now a reality

Lay's Chalet Sauce chips

Lay’s Chalet Sauce chips are here because, why not?

Lay’s announced Tuesday they are releasing a new potato chip based off the flavour of Swiss Chalet sauce.

For non-Canadians, Swiss Chalet is a popular casual dining restaurant that is known for its rotisserie chicken and special “Chalet sauce”. Most Canadians seem to adore the sauce as much as Tim Hortons coffee and I’m surprised it took this long for the combination to become a reality (Tim Hortons coffee Lay’s is surely around the corner).

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“Partnering with Lay’s was a natural extension for our brand,” Lindsay Robinson, Director of Marketing – Swiss Chalet, Cara Operations Limited, said in a media release. This uniquely Canadian potato chip was the perfect way to bring two iconic Canadian flavours to the masses in a new and exciting way.”

Labelled the “most Canadian chip ever”, Chalet Sauce Lay’s will only be available at select Swiss Chalet locations in either a 255g or 40g bag.

Are you excited to try Lay’s Chalet Sauce chips? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at

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