Facebook’s purple flower ‘thankful’ reaction button has returned

Facebook Thankful button

Faccebook’s purple flower ‘thankful’ button has returned for Mother’s Day.

Wondering what that purple flower reaction button on Facebook is? It’s the “thankful” button, and while you may have missed it before, it’s not new.

The “thankful” button originally appeared on Facebook around Mother’s Day in 2016. It disappeared shortly after.

An answer on the Facebook Help Community to the question “What happened to the Thankful Button?” indicated it was only meant to be a Mother’s Day feature.

“Unfortunately the Thankful reaction was available only for Mother’s Day and has since been removed,” a Facebook Help Team member answered.

According to TechCrunch, it is once again only here for Mother’s Day (which is Sunday, May 14 this year) along with other special themed features, like stickers and frames.

If you haven’t done so yet, clicking the “thankful” button on the Facebook Android or iOS app also launches a bunch of animated flowers.

Facebook Mother's Day Thankful reaction

Do you like the “thankful” button? Think it should stay a permanent fixture of Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at facebook.com/bamcatBuzz.

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12 comments on “Facebook’s purple flower ‘thankful’ reaction button has returned
  1. Jenny says:

    We need a thankful emoji every day!

  2. Jaci Elliott says:

    Bull****. Mother day, as the name suggests, is one day. The thankful button was there until today. That makes 4 days. Idiots

  3. Susan Aston says:

    I want the “Thankful ” purple flower button back please!!!

  4. Indigo Teri Turnage says:

    Please give us the thankful response permanently. After all gratitude or thankfulness is the first step to an abundant life🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💟please & thank you

  5. Nicky Wright says:

    Bring it back!!!😡😤😪…Please Facebook.👏🏾
    ~Nicky Wright~
    Nashville, TN

  6. I used the thankful button quiet often and I would like to have it back. Thank you in advance

  7. Kathy says:

    We all want the Thankful flower back. That was awesome. We loved it. Please return it. Thank you. I would add the Thankful flower here but as you see I cannot.

  8. You need to make the thankful flower permanent! It’s an outrage that it keeps being removed.

  9. Dave LaVonne says:

    Please keep the Thankful emoji! We need to be thankful for at least one thing daily. Thank you!

  10. Mona says:

    Bring back thankful flower button !!! Make it permanent

  11. carol wilber says:

    Yes please, Many of us want the THANKFUL purple flower back..

  12. emilie hamilton says:

    I would like the thankful button more than just for Mother’s Day. Please consider adding the thankful button as a regular feature. thank you.

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