Hamuq mattress review: A better bed-in-a-box

Hamuq mattress review

My queen size Hamuq mattress right after it expanded from the package.

After suffering from one too many uncomfortable sleeps I finally decided to ditch my old, saggy mattress and get something that wouldn’t make me cry when I went to bed at night. I knew I wanted something with memory foam, that was easy to get into my house and that was made to the best standards possible. My research led me to review the Hamuq mattress and I couldn’t be happier.

Hamuq is an online mattress retailer based in Peterborough, Ontario. All their mattresses are made in Toronto under strict quality and labour standards and they only use environmentally-friendly materials to make their mattresses (along with Canadian steel). Supporting a Canadian company and sleeping on something that isn’t packed with chemicals were both important to my wife and I.

What truly sold me on the Hamuq mattress as opposed to the many other bed-in-a-box options out there is that it is a hybrid pocket coil and memory foam mattress. Most online mattress retailers, like Casper and Leesa, only sell solid memory foam mattresses. With a pocket coil mattress you get the benefits of a firm mattress, the comfort of a pillow-top mattress and it also extracts heat and helps you sleep much cooler.

WATCH: Hamuq mattress unboxing and review

The Hamuq mattress is available in twin, double, queen and king sizes at varying price points from $699 to $999. No matter what size you order it is shipped for free to your door in a convenient, reasonably sized box. Hamuq also offers a 101 night trial so if you are not totally happy with your mattress purchase they will give you a full refund and pick the mattress up for free (if you send the mattress back it is donated to someone in need and not thrown in the garbage).

For my Hamuq mattress review I picked up the queen size mattress and it arrived a couple of days later. Because the mattress is rolled and compressed, my wife and I had no issues bringing the box (which was much smaller than I expected but also much heavier) inside and getting it into our bedroom.

The mattress is really compressed and packed inside the box. Once I got the rolled up bag of mattress out I carefully opened the plastic and BAM! It grew into a queen mattress (for some reason I compared this to being a big burrito). The process was very cool and satisfying to watch, and our kids were blown away by the whole thing (watch my Hamuq mattress review and unboxing video above to see it grow).

Our first impression of the Hamuq mattress was that the material felt very soft and high-end. There was also no off-gassing or nasty odor at all, which is expected from new furniture these days. As soon as I laid down on it I felt my back thanking me.

After my first sleep on it I found my back wasn’t sore the next morning. Where I used to spend 10 – 15 minutes each morning trying to work out the pain so I could stand straight, I now jump out of bed fresh and ready for the day ahead. After sleeping on the Hamuq mattress for a few months my back still feels great and I now dread having to sleep in a hotel (or anywhere else).

We got the mattress in early August when it was still quite warm out. As promised, the Hamuq mattress sleeps much cooler and I noticed right away I wasn’t waking up all sweaty. Now that the nights are getting cooler I find the mattress is still a comfortable temperature when I get into bed at night.

The big bonus of the Hamuq mattress is the pocket coils. If I do toss and turn in my sleep my wife doesn’t feel it at all, and vice versa. We both end up getting a much better sleep because of this. It’s also much easier to share the bed if one of our kids shows up in the middle of the night (which they do a lot more now that we have such a comfortable bed) or if our cat wants to curl up with us.

The one issue we had wasn’t an issue with the mattress itself but with our old box spring. Along with it and our bed frame, everything was way too high to get into bed without having to leap up (I’m 6’5″ and it felt high). The good news is that you can use the mattress on a slatted frame without a box spring, as well as on a platform bed or directly on the floor.

Overall we are very impressed and happy with our Hamuq mattress and highly recommend it. My only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner and suffered with back problems and many bad sleeps for way too long.

If you want to try a Hamuq mattress in-person, Hamuq has a pop-up event planned in Toronto on Thursday, October 12 as part of the Peaces Night Market at 401 King St. W. from 5 to 10 p.m. For every sale made that night, $100 will be donated to the Toronto Humane Society. The mattress used will also be donated to someone in need after the event.

For more information on the Hamuq mattress, visit hamuq.com.

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Do you own a Hamuq or other bed-in-the-box brand mattress? Share your thoughts in the comments below or at facebook.com/bamcatBuzz.

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