Spotify Duo – Now available!

If buying a family plan for you and your partner is just too much commitment then Spotify has you covered. Starting today Spotify is offering a price point between their single user and family premium plans. Made for two, Premium Duo offers neat features like Duo Mix, offering a selection from each user’s playlist.

I think Spotify missed an opportunity to launch this on valentines day, music lasts much longer than flowers and this just may save some relationships!

Today, Spotify is expanding its pilot of its Premium Duo plan into Canada as well as in France and Japan. The expansion of Premium Duo follows a strong rollout in Denmark, Ireland, Poland and Latin America last year. 

Spotify Premium Duo was created for couples who reside at the same address – and it costs $12.99 per month and eliminates the difficulties of sharing an account or devices. In addition to each person keeping their own Premium account (and the personalized experience that comes with it), Premium Duo includes new perks such as Duo Mix – an exclusive, regularly updated playlist made just for the two subscribers – and an easy interface for managing your accounts, settings and home device setup. 

So who’s eligible and how do you sign up? Spotify Premium Duo is currently available in 23 pilot markets and is for couples who reside at the same home address. Visit and follow the sign-up instructions. For users who haven’t tried Premium before, they’re eligible for the first month free of Spotify Premium Duo. Existing individual Premium subscribers can switch to Premium Duo by visiting their account page and changing their subscription. 

To find out more and sign up today, visit If you have questions, please let me know.

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