Covid-19 got you wanting to work from home? Zoho Remotely – Free until July 1, 2020

With companies like Amazon, Google and Twitter telling employees to stay home, it is becoming obvious that the coronavirus (Covid-19) has gotten people nervous. As one who works from home, welcome! The coffee is hot and the pyjamas are fuzzy and warm. Uninspired watercooler talk with my cats aside, it can get a little lonely sometimes. feels this pain and wants to make the transition a little easier for you. Until July 1st, 2020 they are offering their web and mobile collaboration suite Zoho Remotely free in response to the coronavirus panic.

Zoho Remotely has all the usual things you would expect from an online collaboration suite, like a word processor and spreadsheet program, but also includes useful things like a shared drive, project management and even a scrum board to keep projects moving. They also have a robust multi-person video chat system that allows you to attend meetings without hand sanitizer or a facemask. Their suite has a bunch of other features that you can check out here.

And, let’s stay safe out there folks – no touching your or other people’s faces, wash your hands often, and leave a little toilet paper for everyone else.

Recognizing that many companies are looking for ways to ensure business continuity in light of the Coronavirus, Zoho will offer Remotely, Zoho’s virtual collaboration and productivity suite, for free to any Canadian company that needs remote work tools. Remotely includes Cliq, Meeting, ShowTime, WorkDrive, Projects, and other apps, to create a comprehensive integrated team workspace.

Businesses interested in learning more can visit Remotely.

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