Supaidāman! Japanese Spiderman from 1978!

Warning: Some of the following might be considered spoilers. You should really just head over here and watch these immediately instead of reading further. However, if you need more convincing and you don’t mind mild spoilers then continue.

Supaidāman is the Spiderman I never knew I needed, until today. What if Spiderman had a giant transforming robot he could drive to fight giant lizardmen? 15% cooler than normal Spiderman.  What if he had a spider-car and that spider-car could fly? 23% cooler. What if that Spidey world had a supervillain called Professor Monster? 34% cooler. What if instead of a regular boring old radioactive spider he gets a spider-juice injecting utility bracelet from a man from Planet Spider? 33% cooler. That makes it 105% cooler than vanilla Spiderman.  Math doesn’t lie. This is a licenced Marvel show, so I am considering it cannon. And you should too. 

To watch this and many other awesome things head over to the Internet Archive. Supaidāman is part of a collection of 20,000 digitized VHS tapes in their VHS Vault. For those of you born this millennia, a VHS tape was a large black block we had to use in order to stream movies. 

See the Screen Junkies made trailer for Supaidāman below.

Honest Trailers – Japanese Spiderman

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