Battle: Los Angeles – Mini Review

A scene from Battle: Los Angeles – Courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Battle: Los Angeles (Blu-ray)  – What can I say about this movie? Well, it’s not that bad if you look at it more as a war movie and less of an alien invasion movie (it felt more like Black Hawk Down than Independence Day). And while some of the writing is disgraceful, Aaron Eckhart does a decent job with the material and delivers a fine performance as a U.S. Marine leading his troops during a fight against giant extraterrestrials taking over Earth. This is not about performances or writing though – it is all about visual and sound effects. Get past the shaky camera and it succeeds at both and rocks, especially on 4k Blu-ray. Special features include making-of featurettes and more. Film *** Blu-ray *** (3 out of 5 stars).

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