Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds: Review

A scene from ‘Green Lantern’. Courtesy Warner Bros.

The cheese-fest that is Green Lantern could sum up everything that is wrong with Hollywood these days. Not only does it look cheap, but it’s also quite apparent it exists to solely be a cash cow for Warner Bros. and offers nothing stimulating or entertaining for the viewer. It’s also one of the worst comic book adaptations to come along in years, and could just be the final nail in the coffin for 3-D.

Right off the bat people who are oblivious to the Green Lantern comics will be confused that there are indeed thousands of Green Lanterns protecting the universe. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and species, and they all wear a special ring that gives them their powers. The movie focuses on Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), the first human to be chosen to become a Green Lantern.

Hal is picked by a ring after the ring’s original owner, an ugly purple alien, crashes on Earth. He’s picked because he supposedly has no fear, which is demonstrated in a very Top Gun-esque scene where he flies a fighter jet doing stupid things. As Hal is figuring out his new destiny, the ugly purple alien is dissected by a scientist played by a very gross-looking Peter Sarsgaard. During the autopsy something pricks the scientist and he begins to transform into a hideous monster.

With our hero and villain in place we should now be set for some solid superhero action. Not the case in Green Lantern. No, instead of doing anything truly exciting, they just drag it out, throwing in crappy CGI effect after crappy CGI effect until they run out of pointless things to do and just end it. With a total of four writers working on this thing you’d think they could have collectively come up with something better than this mess.

Reynolds struggles to do anything dramatic or cool in the part of Hal and is downright painful to watch. He should really stick to romcoms or movies where he dies. Sarsgaard does better, but since his character is completely wasted, we never get to see him truly shine. Blake Lively as Hal’s love interest is terrible. Why do we always need a love interest in these movies anyway?

Lame action, bad effects, questionable dialogue, headache-inducing 3-D, and an overall soulless presentation makes Green Lantern impossible to recommend. By the reaction of the kids in the theatre, it’s obviously not for them. And with a few noticeable walkouts by adults, I say skip it and see something better, like X-Men: First Class or Super 8.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Rated PG
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard
Directed by: Martin Campbell

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