The Machine Girl – I needed that

A scene from The Machine Girl – Courtesy of Media Blasters.

I am knee-deep into weird movies at this point, so why not something I will probably never find time to watch again. The Machine Girl (2008) is one of those movies. The cover, a young Japanese girl in a school uniform with a machine gun for an arm, is intriguing, and the description says it’s “campy” and “violent”. Perfect. Let’s just say this is not a movie for the faint of heart. The amount of blood is outrageous. It’s as if the filmmakers found an air compressor right before production and just went nuts using it to spray everything with fake blood. And that girl on the cover below? That’s actress Minase Yashiro and she kicks ass. The entire movie is her character seeking revenge on the gang that murdered her brother. She slices them up and eventually uses that machine gun arm to blow them to bits. Cheesy, but oh so awesome! The film is in Japanese with English subtitles and is available on *** Blu-ray ***

3 out of 5

Please enjoy the trailer for The Machine Girl below:

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