Mean Girls 2: Meets mean reviewer

Jennifer Stone and Meaghan Martin in Mean Girls 2 – © 2011 Paramount Famous Productions. 

Mean Girls 2 – The first Mean Girls was a pleasant surprise. The writing was witty, the acting was decent, and it reminded me of the great 1988 Winona Ryder film HeathersMean Girls 2, the straight-to-DVD sequel, is nothing like the first. It’s so shitty it gives shit a bad name. And I wonder who this movie is made for. The cast is mostly crappy Disney Channel actors, but I can’t see their pre-teen fans wanting to rent or buy this trash (and there is just enough questionable material to make it not family-friendly enough for even a parent to consider as a gift). Older teens? Adults? Not likely interested unless they’re in a coma or wanting to be put into a coma. Here’s the quote I’d like to see on the cover: “Mean Girls 2…quite possibly the first true sign the world really is going to end in 2012!” Enough said. Special features include making-of featurettes, on-set video diaries, and more. Film * DVD *

(1 out of 5 stars).

You don’t really want to watch the trailer below do you?

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