10 cool facts about the gingerbread house at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge gingerbread house

The amazing gingerbread house Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls built for 2015.

My family and I recently spent two days at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls to kick off the holiday season (this is a yearly tradition for us). Like every December, the place looked absolutely magical with decorations, lights and a huge gingerbread house in the lobby.

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The gingerbread house really caught my attention this year as it was noticeably different than the one they had last year (I was looking at photos from our last trip before this one so it really stood out). After a bit of prodding I discovered that the gingerbread house not only changes every year, but it’s made out of real ingredients!

Great Wolf Lodge gingerbread house

A lot of work goes into building the gingerbread house at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls every year.

Here are 10 cool facts about the gingerbread house that the nice folks at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls shared with me.

  1. Baking of the house started three months in advance.
  2. Besides the wooden frame, everything else is edible.
  3. Planning for the annual project starts in August.
  4. There’s a real fireplace inside the gingerbread house.
  5. Six adults can dine comfortably inside.
  6. There was 30 hours of baking and prep before construction of the house began.
  7. Four chefs spent 50 hours to decorate the house.
  8. Four carpenters took 80 hours to build the structure.
  9. 1322 pounds of icing sugar was used to make the gingerbread house!
  10. 132 pounds of flour, 240 eggs, 71 litres of egg whites, 44 pounds of white sugar, 11 pounds of white chocolate and 5 pounds of glitter was also used!!

If you’re visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls this December and want to dine inside the gingerbread house, you can make a reservation for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a fee of $20. Proceeds of the fee go to Ronald McDonald Houses in Hamilton, Toronto and Southwestern Ontario.

5 reasons to take the family to Great Wolf Lodge this December

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls goes all out in December with decorations, twinkle lights and a life-size gingerbread house in the lobby!

Best known for its indoor water park, Great Wolf Lodge is a full resort that features unique kid-friendly rooms, an arcade, a bowling alley, restaurants, a gift shop, a spa (kids are welcome) and the interactive adventure game MagiQuest (which is a small investment to get started but a lot of fun to play).

December is such a great time of year to visit Great Wolf Lodge that it’s become part of my family’s yearly tradition to take a trip to the Niagara Falls location early in the month before the craziness of the holidays kicks into full gear (it’s always a nice surprise for the kids, too).

Here’s my five reasons why you should take your family on a December pilgrimage to Great Wolf Lodge.

It’s very magical

As soon as you arrive at Great Wolf Lodge during the month of December you’ll know you’re somewhere special. Along with the beautiful outdoor display, the entire lobby is decked out with twinkle lights and decorations. There’s even a life-size gingerbread house you can dine inside of! I was absolutely mesmerized by it all the first time we visited and my kids go nuts for it every year.

It snows inside!

If the decorations, life-size gingerbread house and twinkle lights aren’t magical enough, watching it snow inside the lobby a few times a day is sure to put a smile on your face (don’t worry, it’s fake and pretty and not cold).

Santa visits daily

There are many characters at Great Wolf Lodge that walk around greeting and entertaining guests. Santa joins the fun in December. Being able to see your kids light up when the jolly fellow appears is a nice bonus to an already special time (getting a photo with your kids wearing bathing suits as they pose with Santa is a fun keepsake as well).

You can stay inside a fully decorated suite

One of the new features Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls has this year are fully decorated Winter Wonderland Suites available to stay in. These rooms come with lights, garland and even a decorated tree all setup inside! You also get a “howl-i-day” throw to keep along with a copy of the Great Wolf Lodge book, Unique as a Snowflake. Oh, and your kids get milk and cookies delivered before bed by a Great Wolf Lodge character. Pretty cool.

You’ll feel warmer

Spending the day inside a climate-controlled 84 degree water park going down slides and splashing around in pools, hot tubs and a lazy river will make you forget the frigid temperatures outside. Just be warned that when you do have to go outside you might be in for a bit of a shock (word of advice – grab a coffee at the cafe before you head out).

Great Wolf Lodge

My son (Bamcat Jr.) excited to be at Great Wolf Lodge during our 2014 visit.

These are just five of the reasons my family and I continue to go back to Great Wolf Lodge every December. You can usually find deals around this time of year as well (keep an eye on their site or sites like RedFlagDeals and RetailMeNot).

For pricing and booking info at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls, visit greatwolf.com/niagara.

Share your thoughts on why you enjoy going to Great Wolf Lodge in the comments below.