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How to take a screenshot on a Mac

One of the most common questions I get from Mac users is how to take a screenshot in Mac OS X. It’s easy to remember on a Windows PC (Alt+Print Screen), but not so much on a Mac where there

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How to host an HTML file on Dropbox

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Since starting to play with I’ve discovered many great things about it (and continue to find things I love about it almost daily). One task I was recently trying to tackle I was unable to do within no

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Setting a static page as your homepage

While I’m not a huge fan of static entry pages on blogs, there are many reasons why someone would want one. A real estate agent may want their photo, tagline, and contact info to be prominent, or a charity may

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Can’t follow more people on Twitter? Create a list!

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I have a Twitter problem. It seems my follow to followers ratio doesn’t align with Twitter’s rules and best practices and I can’t follow new people until I get more followers. You follow? This has been going on for a

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Adding a Custom Domain Name in

You’ll notice my site is now — a domain name I’ve owned for many years. It looks much better than and is also easier for people to find me. It’s also better for SEO and in general looks

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Playing with

As a heavy user of, I’m very curious to see what can do when it comes to making a branded site. Part of my interest is so I can develop training on it, so I’m focusing on the capabilities and

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